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Developing Growth Mindset to Foster Intrinsic Motivation and Self-Directed Learning

Current Project Stage: Prototype

What we as a group plan to address is the problematic issue of students constantly and consistently losing an interest in education and dropping out of high-school due to a lack of motivation and growth mindset that affects their learning process or academic environment. Due to our experience as former high-school students and from the data and information we learned in the class, we can safely say that the problem lies from a lack of understanding and interest involving academic courses in high school. This project and problem is solely focused on 9th grade students, since this is where they begin to feel this way. As a group project we are trying to design a method and program that can help remedy this problem through the implementation and learning of growth mindset courses.

As a group we have decided to create a semester long program that emphasizes growth mindset which in turn will stimulate motivation and help guide struggling students to their own path for their future and career. We will first begin a basic survey to et a better understanding of the triggers that decrease, as well as increase, motivation in order to gather basic information about high-school freshman student's understanding of growth mindset. Every three to four weeks we plan to test this program out by dropping into freshman student's English courses and educate them about the qualities of Growth Mindset and have them exercise these qualities in hopes of stimulating improvement in their academic learning process through enthusiasm, understanding, determination, and motivation.

Next Step: Research more and find statistical information from similar projects with similar themes that are compatible with our project

Design Studio: Glendale Community College

Student Design Team: Kenny Li, Thando Mlauzi, and Ani Kavuckchyan

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