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Design Thinking at GCC

Design Thinking Rubric


The design thinking assignment is clear and focused, showing significant insight and depth of understanding. Ideas and questions raised are fully explored and developed. Specific evidence is presented to illustrate or support the point, including relevant links and pictures. The assignment contains few or no punctuation, grammar, spelling, capitalization, or usage errors.

  • Fully developed paragraphs
  • Well organized ideas and presentation
  • Ideas and point of view clearly stated
  • Logical sentence and paragraph structure
  • Connects ideas to assignment questions
  • Original ideas expressed
  • Evidence of thinking and content knowledge
  • Cites sources appropriately and responsibly
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation correct 


The design thinking assignment has a point that shows some insight and understanding, but it is not fully explored or developed. There are fewer examples that are only partially developed. The writing is unclear in some places, and contains some punctuation, grammar, spelling, capitalization, and or usage error.

  • Developed sentences and paragraphs
  • Organized structure
  • Shows connection to original assignment and questions
  • Evidence of thinking and content knowledge 
  • Mentions new sources of information
  • Cites sources
  • Few spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors 


The design thinking assignment is more descriptive (summarizes materials) rather than reflective or analytical. Facts are generally described, but are not developed. The writing is unclear in some places, and there are frequent grammar, spelling, capitalization, or usage errors.

  • Short paragraphs (2 – 4 sentences)
  • Evidence of some organization
  • Word selection is unclear in some places
  • Sentence structure does not flow well
  • Shows few original ideas
  • Makes minimal or no connection to original assignment and questions
  • Beginning evidence of thinking and content knowledge
  • New sources of information mentioned
  • Several misspelled words, incorrect grammar, and punctuation errors
  • Partially cites sources 


The design thinking assignment has no clear point. Specific examples are not presented or are vaguely described, not discussed. The writing is unclear and reflects frequent incorrect word choices. There are numerous grammar, spelling, capitalization, and/or usage errors.

  • Incomplete sentences and paragraphs
  • Content is unrelated to original assignment or questions
  • No new sources of information cited
  • No evidence of content knowledge
  • Words, grammar, and punctuation are incorrect 
  • Does not cite sources 

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