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Design Thinking at GCC

Design Thinking Assignment Two


For Design Thinking Assignment Two you'll be writing a 2 - 3 page paper focused on ideating. This assignment is intended to provide you with an opportunity to contemplate your problem and to present a possible solution (or solutions) that can be explored in your team project. In your paper you must present at least one possible solution; however, if you have multiple ideas about solutions/projects, you may present more than one option.

To help you get started ideating (or brainstorming) on your topic, please refer to the resources below:

Design Thinking Process Guide (pages 5 - 6)

Brainstorm Rules

If you have questions about anything, please let me know.

Assignment Snapshot

• Write a 2 - 3 page paper presenting your idea(s) on a way (or ways) to solve the design thinking problem your team has identified. Use specific examples and explain, in detail, the thought process and rationale used to develop your solution.

• Refer to pages 5 - 6 of the Design Thinking Process Guide for an overview of the Ideate stage.

• Review the Design Thinking Rubric before getting started to better understand grading criteria. 

• Check for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and flow of ideas.

• Double-space your paper; use a 12 pt. font of your choice; and number all pages.

• Include student's name, instructor's name, course number, ticket number, and date at top of paper.

• Cite properly in APA format ANY & ALL resources referenced in your paper!

• Consider bringing paper to the Writing Center for feedback before submitting.

• Upload your paper to Turnitin in a PDF format.

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