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Design Thinking at GCC

Kids in Command

Closing the Opportunity Gap

Current Project Stage: Implement

The opportunity gap is the difference in access to the quality educational resources needed by the students to be academically successful. It  is the fundamental reason why high school students don’t receive the same education, supplies, and experienced teachers to be successful. Funding is one of the main reasons why students are not learning. The problem with the opportunity gap is that not all students are getting access to the same education due to financial disparities and lack of a strong support system. Less fortunate people who live in high poverty areas do not have money to donate to community schools, which results in the children getting stuck using old books and having access to fewer computers and outdated supplies—unlike schools in wealthy neighborhoods. Why? Simply because they donate very generous amounts of money so their kids get the best education they can.

The best way to help students take control of their future is by creating opportunities for these students to be self-directed learners. For example, if students have a good support system then they feel comfortable expanding their horizons and pushing their limits.

Our project is consists of fundraising events run completely by students with adult supervision for safety, and of field trips to a few local colleges and universities, to have an on campus experience. Here they will learn to be independent and responsible and give them a chance to tap into intrinsic motivation.

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Design Studio: Glendale Community College

Student Design Team: Jose Castro, Diana Herrera, Kenneth Yun, Xochitl Garcia

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