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Design Thinking at GCC

Design Thinking Assignment One

Empathize & Define

Design thinking assignment one focuses on the first and second stages of the design thinking process: empathize and define. Refer to pages 1 - 4 of Design Thinking Process Guide for detailed information about these stages. This is an opportunity for your team to begin considering your problem through the eyes of those experiencing it, which should expand your understanding of the related complexities. Once you have spent time experiencing and evaluating the problem through the lens of empathy, you will define the problem in clear, specific, and complete terms. 

Your Empathize/Define paper should be between 2 - 3 pages in length and should include three relevant sources that contribute something substantive to your understanding of the problem. You're welcome to include additional sources if it makes sense. This is a formal class assignment; the expectation is that your paper will be properly formatted and checked for spelling and grammar. Please use a 12 point font of your choice. All quotations and references that appear in your paper should be properly cited using APA format. 

Assignment Snapshot

• Use empathy to consider your problem from the eyes of the person/group of people experiencing it.

• After empathizing in order to gain greater insight into the problem, define it clearly and succinctly in a 2 - 3 page paper. Explain the steps you took to empathize (research, observation, interviews, etc.) and be sure to define the problem in specific terms.

• Cite three outside sources in your paper. 

• Review the Design Thinking Rubric before getting started to better understand grading criteria.

• Check for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and flow of ideas.

• Double-space your paper; use a 12 pt. font of your choice; number all pages.

• Include your name, instructor's name, course number, ticket number, and date at top of your paper.

• Cite properly in APA format ANY & ALL resources referenced in your paper!

• Consider bringing your paper to the Learning Center for feedback before submitting.

• Upload your paper in a PDF format to Turnitin by the due date.

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