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Design Thinking at GCC

De-facto Segregation in Public Schools

Current Project Stage: Implement

In many public school, there are problems happening with segregation. Students tend to stay within their own clique or group, and rarely interact with other students outside of their group. Intentional or not, this can cause a lot of issues. This lack of interaction with people dissimilar to themselves can create prejudice and/or a lack of empathy/understanding to differences in others, which can potentially lead to worse problems in the future. For some, it's simply a matter of needing a "reason" or "opening" to talk to someone new. 

The solution that we created is a project for 8th grade students to do. They will spend a few weeks(4weeks)with someone they wouldn't ordinarily spend time with. Then they have the option of either writing an essay, creating a video/power point, audio journal, or really anything they can come up with as long as it fits in the parameters of the assignment. Must follow these rules; making sure it's creative, shows effort, and answering the following questions provided: How did you feel about this assignment at first? How was your experience during the few weeks?What was different from your typical routine? Have your thoughts toward the assignment changed since it first started? Would you want to do this assignment again? Would you share your experience by presenting it to the class?

Next Step: Test assignment with 8th grade students and continue researching de-facto segregation in public schools to improve design

Design Studio: Glendale Community College 

Student Design Team: Lawrence Kim, Alysia Mendez

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