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Design Thinking at GCC

The Student is the Master

Empowering students to engage in peer-to-peer teaching

Current Project Stage: Prototype

Creativity is production of something original and useful. Thus, having freedom to express will create an all-natural intrinsic motivation to move forward. There is never one right answer. To be creative requires motivation and many unique ideas, and then combining those ideas into the best result. But do we really use those tools to solve our simplest problems? Creativity did not stay long enough to motivate us to be able to change how education and educators think and perform without using ancient structural methods to run schools and classrooms. However, we think that there is a possible solution of lacking motivation and creativity.

Our outcome is to motivate students in the 8th grade to have the ability and time to be self-directed learners during class so they can pass on their knowledge to their fellow peers. The idea is to have them be in groups of 4 and make questions from the lecture the teacher gave them. They will have to share with each other what they know. Then a student from each group will go up and ask any group except their team a question and the group they picked, will have to answer the question and if they get it right they will get a point. Therefore, the team who has the most points will get a homework grade or extra credit points. Are goal is to get every student to get involve , share with each other what they know and what they don't understand by being In  groups. It will allow them to share their thoughts, creativity and the ability of being self-directed students.

Next Step: Test in classroom.

Design Studio: Glendale Community College

Student Design Team: Nanor Gharibi, Aide Garcia

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