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Design Thinking at GCC

Preparing Children for the Future

Life Skills for Happiness and Success 

Current Project Stage: Prototype 

Life skills are the most important fundamentals in life. Middle school children are taught academics, but are not being introduced to important life skills within the school environment. Skills like self-awareness, responsibility, self-reliance, problem solving, and decision making provide a sense of confidence and emotional intelligence. Most children progress to adulthood without knowing  essential life skills and struggle to cope in tough times. When difficult situations arise, like a death in the family or financial troubles, children can become emotionally unstable to the point where they may injure themselves or others.

Our program aims to serve children who come from urban areas and struggle in their everyday lives. As we have learned over the course of the semester, children living in urban areas are being labeled as incompetent and unsuccessful due to their race and economic status. Children need support and instruction on how to handle everyday life issues in a structured way in order to continue on a path to success. Our goal is to provide children with an opportunity to practice the skills needed to get through the difficult situations that life brings. Our solution to the lack of skills being taught in middle schools is to educate students about life skills in a nurturing and fun environment, and to reach all types of learners and personalities. 

Next Step: Test in a classroom setting

Design Studio: Glendale Community College

Student Design Team: Tonia Beckwith, Joselyne Rios

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