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GCC Library Community Agreement & Guidelines

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Workshop Guidelines and Community Agreement

Thank you for considering joining a library workshop! These resources will outline expectations and guidelines for engaging effectively and respectfully in our workshop spaces. By attending the library workshop, you are affirming that you are aware of these guidelines and will uphold them as requested. You can always ask your instructor if you have any questions, comments, or concerns during the workshop. Most importantly:

  • Arrive to the workshop by the start time and stay for the whole workshop. Late attendees may not be admitted to the workshop and/or not given credit for attending as decided by the workshop instructor. 
    • As workshop instructors, we will work with you on receiving credit if you have poor internet connection, cannot stay for the full workshop, or are unable to access Canvas. Please ask your workshop instructor for help.
    • Remember that workshops are offered throughout the term and you are encouraged to attend another offering if you come too late or cannot stay for the whole session.
  • Be respectful and supportive of one another and we will learn together!

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