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Library Chromebooks, Using Honorlock, and Adding Apps/Extensions Using Personal Profiles

To use Honorlock with GCC library Chromebooks using the default GCC Library profile:

1.    Turn on the Chromebook
2.    Click the arrow to continue

3.    Click the arrow again to continue.

•    Note: Honorlock, Keep Awake, AnyConnect, and Zoom extensions are pre-installed in the default profile managed by the GCC Library.

•    The GCC default library account on Chromebooks is restricted. Students will not be able to install any apps or extensions using this profile; however, if all they want to do is use Honorlock and any of the pre-installed extensions listed above, they do not need to create an account. 

Students who want to add other apps and extensions on the library’s Chromebooks must log in using a personal profile account such as their GCC Email/Student account. 

•    If a student wants to sign into their own account, see instructions on how to do that here:

•    To use Honorlock using the student’s own profile, follow the instructions from the Honorlock website to install the Honorlock extension:

•    Contact Honorlock at for any further support (including support on personal computers). 

What is Honorlock?

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