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Library Services

Printing Facts

  • Every computer in the library is able to send files to print
  • Black and white prints cost $0.10 per page
  • Color prints cost $0.50 per page
  • Printers accept coins, $1 bills, and credit cards ($9 maximum for credit cards)
  • Print jobs cued to all printers are deleted in 1 hour if the document is not printed
  • Double sided printing is available. Patrons are charged for each side of the print

Printing Tips 

  • Save all documents to the computer desktop before printing
  • Split large print jobs into smaller ones. For example, 100 pages into 2 print jobs, pages 1-50 & pages 51-100
  • Check the printer settings before you print. If the last person selected the color printer, your print will be color too.
  • Large files may take a few minutes to print out. 

Printing From Word

Image showing the print options in Microsoft Word.     1. Choose "bwletter" to print in black & white.

           Choose "colorletter" print print in color.





       2. Select "Print One Sided" to print one 1 side.

           Select "Print on Both Sides" to print double sided.




Printing from Adobe PDF Reader

Image showing print options for Adobe PDF Reader















1. Choose "bwletter" to print in black & white. 

    Choose "colorletter" to print in color. 

2. Select "Multiple" to print many pages on 1 paper.

3. Select "Print on both sides of paper" to print double sided.

Printing From PowerPoint

Image shows print options for Microsoft PowerPoint.                     Image shows the settings for printing multiple slides on one page in Microsoft PowerPoint.

1.  Choose "bwletter" to print in black & white. 

     Choose "colorletter" to print in color. 

2. Select "Print One Sided" to print one 1 side.

     Select "Print on Both Sides" to print double sided.

3. To print multiple slides on 1 page, press "Full Pages Slides" and select the number of slides to print.

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