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OER Webinars from ASCCC OERI

Curious about OER?
ASCCC - OERI Weekly Webinars: Register Here

Note that all of these webinars qualify for FLEX, via Individually Planned Activity (IPA) forms.

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Miss a webinar you wanted to see? Check out ASCCC's Archived Webinars (scroll down below the upcoming webinars)!


Are you interested in reducing student textbook costs and increasing student success by using open educational resources (OER)? Check out the ASCCC Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI)'s newest opportunities.

OERI Opportunities

The OERI is in the midst of identifying faculty to:

  1. Review finalized resources from our 1st round of funded proposals. We are specifically needing reviewers in the following disciplines: art history, biotechnology, business office technology, culinary arts, economics, fashion design, French, Italian, math, nutrition, paralegal/business law, political science, Spanish.
  2. Collaborate with faculty who are developing proposals in response to the request for proposals that is due on December 16, 2019. **Collaboration is a required component of this funding opportunity. Below you'll find brief descriptions of collaborators needed in select disciplines. If you are interested, please reply as soon as possible.
  3. Participate in the review of submitted proposals in Sacramento, January 14 - January 15, 2020.

How to Participate

Both the ASCCC OERI Application and the ASCCC Faculty Application for Statewide Service need to be completed if you are interested in either of the review processes noted above (#1 & #3).

  • If you already completed our application process and indicated your interest in the review process described in #1 above, we have your information and will be in touch as needed.
  • If you are interested in #2, please reply to whoever has been indicated below.
  • If you already completed our application process and you are specifically interested in #3, please send a message confirming that you are not involved in any of the proposals that will be submitted and indicating your interest and availability to This e-mail should also be used for any general questions about these opportunities.

Collaborators Wanted

BIOLOGY: We are looking for collaborators to expand the LibreTexts Introduction to Botany book to ensure that it is sufficient for a general botany course for biology majors. This may involve incorporating chapters from other open source resources and/or writing new chapters. We also hope to develop ancillaries for the new book (lecture slides, Canvas homework assignments, test banks, etc.).  If interested, contact Melissa Ha at

COMPUTER SCIENCE: Faculty collaborators are needed for development of a text-equivalent for an introduction to computer science course that introduces students to fundamental concepts of computer science and programming. This is a course in which applications are not taught but programming is introduced. If interested, please contact Kaleab Gorfu at

POLITICAL SCIENCE: Seeking community college faculty who are familiar with the California government component of the introductory American government class taught at most California community colleges and who is knowledgeable about California politics. Collaborators will read and review for substantive quality and clarity a concise California politics and government textbook. Time commitment will involve up to thirty hours to read and provide suggestions to the text's author. If interested, contact Steven Yeti at

PHILOSOPHY: Collaborators are needed for a number of projects in this discipline. If interested, please indicate your particular areas of interest and your qualifications to

PHYSICS: Collaborators are needed for a number of projects in this discipline. If interested, please indicate your particular areas of interest and your qualifications to

SPANISH: Seeking collaborators to develop an OER textbook-equivalent with online self-graded activities for a 1st semester Spanish course. If interested, contact Karla Gutierrez at


The OERI is currently seeking faculty to serve in a variety of roles. This application process will create a pool of faculty from which we will select reviewers for newly developed resources, so we have a true need for a faculty from a broad array of disciplines - including those who may or may not have experience with OER.

The ASCCC OERI Application will be available for the foreseeable future. Interested faculty will need to complete BOTH the OERI application and the ASCCC Faculty Application for Statewide Service.

Finding Zero Textbook Cost in the GCC Course Catalog

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Zero Cost Textbook webpage how to use people soft to find ZTC

Research finds 93% of students who use Open Education Resources do as well or better than those using traditional materials. 

This CampusGuide is a work-in-progress.

If you have resources to add, suggestions, or help locating material, please contact Adina Lerner x3379 or email: alerner @

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