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OER & Textbook Affordability at GCC

What is the impact of high textbook costs on students?

How much does one year of books & supplies cost at Glendale Community College?

Books and Supplies cost $1126/year for GCC students

Over 75% of GCC Students report that their textbooks are too expensive

Impact of Textbook Cost on Student Progress

IMPACT OF TEXTBOOK COSTS ON STUDENT PROGRESS The high cost of textbooks is negatively impacting students’ academic progress.  How are they coping? 64% Don’t buy required books, 43% Take fewer courses, 41% Don’t register for a course, 23% Drop a course.  How are these choices impacting their learning? 36% Earn a poor grade, 20% Fail a course.  Are all required books used at some point in an academic career? 3.6 required textbooks is the average number purchased but NEVER used.

Image from Florida Virtual Campus's infographic derived from their larger report, 2018 Student Textbook and Course Materials Survey: Results and Findings.

Why are textbooks so expensive?

How Rising Textbook Prices Mirror Rising Drug Costs

Still of video

Ben Popken explains what's behind the rise in textbook prices, and how the economics behind school supplies will keep pushing prices higher.

What is the impact on students of using OER?

How can students take action against high textbook prices?

Choose courses with Low or Zero Textbook Cost

Tell us your story

Advocate for lowering textbook costs with OER

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