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Chaparral 2012-2013: Yes on 30... No on 38!

Yes on 30... No on 38!

Yes on 30... No on 38!

by John Queen


yes on 30

Proposition 30 raises personal income taxes on the affluent (individuals making over $250,000 and couples making over $500,000) and also raises the sales tax by 1/4%.  The combined effect of these taxes would be to increase state revenues by some $6 billion per year.  If proposition 30 passes, it is estimated that the California Community colleges will be provided with an extra $220 million in fiscal year 2012-2013.  If it does not pass, the community colleges’ budget will be cut midyear by $338 million.  That comes to a difference of over half a billion dollars for the community colleges.  For Glendale College, passage of Proposition 30 would mean an extra $4.5 to $5.5 million dollars for this year's budget.  The stress of potential cuts on the college community has already become evident, and while money can't buy love, it certainly would diminish a lot of the anxiety for college staff and protect classes for students (which have declined by 17% from 2008-09.)

Proposition 38 also raises taxes but on a much broader base of income earners:  tax increases start with individuals making $7,316.  Unlike Proposition 30 funds, none of this revenue will become available to any programs outside K-12.  Thus, the community colleges would not only get no extra funds; the cuts mentioned above would also go into effect.  Both propositions have poison pills for the opposing measure:  if Proposition 38 gets a larger majority than Proposition 30, none of Proposition 30 goes into effect (and vice-versa.)  While Proposition 38 is extremely generous to K-12, it puts a wall around the money.  The reality is that whenstudents graduate from high schools, they will find that their opportunities for going to college have been gutted.  On the other hand, Proposition 30 provides funds for both K-12 and community colleges.  


Proposition 30 is the only way to help all students. 



On Thursday, Oct. 4, Jono Shaffer from the California Federation of Teachers will speak on Proposition 30 (aka the Governor's initiative for increased taxes for schools and community colleges, among others.)  The presentation will take place in the Auditorium at 12:20.  Faculty, please consider giving your students extra credit for attending!  ASGCC will circulate a sign-in sheet for recording extra credit attendees.

For any questions, please contact me (x5459).  A calendar of all presentations on ballot initiatives is below.


Yes on 30, No on 32, No on 38


October 4

Jono Shaffer on Prop. 30

Auditorium, 12:20 - 1:30 pm 


October 11

ASGCC rally

Plaza Vaquero, 12:20 - 1:30 pm


October 17

Prop. 30 rally

Garfield, 11:30 am -12:30 pm


October 18

Forum on Prop. 32

with Peggy Renner, Andra Verstraete, and Roger Bowerman

Auditorium, 12:20 - 1:30 pm


October 24

"Beyond Prop. 30"

with Richard Kamei and Lisa Lubow

Kreider Hall, 12:20 - 1:30 pm


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