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Chaparral 2012-2013: November 2012

Welcome to the Chaparral

This is the newest version of the electronic Chaparral (2012-2013).

We want to know what you think - please take a look around and let us know. 

Some of the additional features in this new version of the Chaparral include a Discussion Board, a Question of the Month page, and many places to leave your comments.

November 2012 - Volume 21, Issue 2

Guild News
by Isabelle Saber

Five Things We Know For Sure (About GCC's Future)
Speaking of the Senate
by Michael Scott

Structural Change: Get Involved
CSEA Connection
by Hoover Zariani

Classified Council Corner

by Jenny McMahon

Reasons to Vote YES on Proposition 30
A Political Cartoon
by David John Attyah

California Public Employees Pension Reform Act
Garfield Gleanings
by Marcia Walerstein-Sibony

The Truth About FLEX
by Roger Bowerman

So Cool, So Distinguished, and He's Coming to GCC!
Innovations Expo 2012
by Pat Hironymous



We Want Your Milestones!

Do you have any significant events you would like to share with the campus community?  Send them to our editor Julie at

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