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Chaparral 2012-2013: 21.6 Speaking of the Senate

Speaking of The Senate (May 2013)

Speaking of the Senate: Spring Accomplishments

by Michael Scott

Academic Senate President

As this is the final Chaparral article for the 2012-13 academic year, I would like to thank Dr. Riggs for his service to GCC this past year. His calm handling of the tense situation he faced when he first arrived was admirable. He could have simply babysat the District and moved on, but he didn’t. He took a long look at us and complimented us on the things we did well, but had the courage to tell us what we needed to improve. If the GCC governance process worked faster, I am sure he would have accomplished a lot more things than he did. We wish him well in his future endeavors.

I would also like to congratulate our new Superintendent/President Dr. Viar. The Senate looks forward to meeting and working with him over the next many years. He is well respected at his current college and throughout the state.

The Academic Senate finished a productive spring. Below you will find the most important motions passed by the Senate this semester.

  • Motion 2013-01 The Senate adopts the new discipline of Health Information Technology.
  • Motion 2013-02 The Senate approves the new Committee on Distance Education (CoDE) policies as amended.
  • Motion 2013-TBD The Senate recommends that Glendale College restore course offerings in short sessions to pre-budget-cut levels.
  • Motion 2013-03 The Senate approves the revision to the Senate IHAC policy.
  • Motion 2013-12 The Senate approves the changes made to the AP chart.
  • Motion 2013-17 The Senate Approves changes to AR 4100 regarding multiple degrees and requests that admission and records provide the Senate with an annual report on numbers of multiple degrees awarded. 

Next Year’s Senate and Senate Executive
The Senate elected three Senators-At-Large in April: Cameron Hastings, Kevin Meza and Peggy Renner. Cindy Pollack was re-elected as Academic Adjunct Senator. Ramona Barrio-Sotillo and Daphne Dionisio will be new Senators in the fall and two Division Senators were re-elected: Fiona Virani (Allied Health) and Andy Young (Mathematics).

On May 16th, the Senate will elect new officers. Nominees are: Andy Young for President-Elect and 1st Vice President, Cindy Pollack 2nd Vice President, Cameron Hastings Treasurer, and Roger Dickes Secretary.




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