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GCC Library's Guide to Mental Health Resources

Stress Reduction, Medication, and Mindfulness



Print books


Watch one (or all) of these short videos for suggestions and information on stress management and tools you can use to practice short meditations and mindfulness. To view a video, click on an image below. If the video is in Films on Demand, you will need to enter your Canvas username and password first. 

What to Do If Stressed (2:02) - Films On Demand
Simple and effective techniques to calm your brain.

All It Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes (9:08) - TED
The benefits of doing nothing.

Improving Concentration (1:21) - Films On Demand
Simple mindfulness exercise to help you focus.

How Stress Affects Your Brain (4:01) - TED-Ed
The benefits and consequences of stress, especially chronic stress, and how it can change your brain.


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