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Library Workshops & Credit Courses

This guide will provide information about the library workshops, library credit courses, and other instructional services.

Welcome to Library Workshops!

Join GCC Librarians for workshops that help you find, understand and use information for research assignments and daily life!

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Current Library Workshop Schedule and Descriptions

GCC Library offers workshops online in Canvas and Zoom and in person. Enrolled students will be invited to a Canvas course space via GCC Email to begin each workshop. Workshops run all year including Fall and Spring semesters as well as intersession.

Remember to sign up for the workshop by 12pm PST the DAY BEFORE the workshop begins!


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Current Workshops:

Research QuestionsZOOM OR IN PERSON

  • Articulate the needs and scope of research, such as deadlines, source types, citation style, and other project requirements 
  • Formulate a research question to guide inquiry 

Information Honor Code - ZOOM

  • Describe the ethical & legal standards underlying the use of information in college, the workplace, and on the Internet 
  • Use citation and attribution to give credit to the ideas and work of others

Pro-tips for Finding Sources - ZOOM

  • Choose specific terms and library tools in order to search more effectively  
  • Use advanced search strategies in order to find sources in a database 
  • Identify and use the information in search tool records to determine relevancy to a research topic 

Using Peer-Reviewed Sources - ZOOM

  • Differentiate between popular and peer-reviewed sources 
  • Use the Proquest database to locate a peer-reviewed article 

Introduction to the Library - Canvas

  • Distinguish between Glendale Community College Library resources and services
  • Locate and use OneSearch to find books in the library
  • Use the virtual library to find appropriate resources

OneSearch for Books and Articles - Canvas

  • Use a discovery tool called OneSearch that searches for books and articles in a single search.  
  • Design and perform search strategies by brainstorming keywords, refining search terms, and using advanced limiters to filter results
  • Assess sources for relevance, considering subject terms and/or abstracts.

News & Media Literacy - Canvas

  • Evaluate online news and media sources in order to locate objective and verifiable information
  • Locate news sources in the GCC library including OneSearch and library databases
  • Discuss the importance of credible online news sources for your life and community

Workshop Guidelines and Community Agreement

Thank you for considering joining a library workshop! These resources will outline expectations and guidelines for engaging effectively and respectfully in our workshop and learning spaces. By attending the library workshop, you are affirming that you are aware of these guidelines and will uphold them as requested. You can always ask your instructor if you have any questions, comments, or concerns during the workshop. Most importantly:

  • Arrive to the workshop by the start time and stay for the whole workshop. Late attendees may not be admitted to the workshop and/or not given credit for attending as decided by the workshop instructor. 
    • As workshop instructors, we will work with you on receiving credit if you have poor internet connection, cannot stay for the full workshop, or are unable to access Canvas. Please ask your workshop instructor for help.
    • Remember that workshops are offered throughout the term and you are encouraged to attend another offering if you come too late or cannot stay for the whole session.
  • Be respectful and supportive of one another and we will learn together!

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