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Library Workshops & Credit Courses

This guide will provide information about the library workshops, library credit courses, and other instructional services.

Checking Student Workshop Completion

Confirming Workshop Attendance

  • Student attendance is reported for your online class roster in Peoplesoft automatically upon the completion of the workshop. If you need to confirm completion or cannot access PeopleSoft in time, please contact your DE Librarian.
  • For individual student completion, credit should appear within 48-72 hours AFTER workshop end date. (For example, if a workshop ends on Monday, 5/3, expect to see your completion in myGCC after Wednesday, 5/12)

You can check student completion by:

  1. Logging into the PeopleSoft using single sign-on via the GCC website (under Faculty & Staff)
  2. Select "Faculty Center" in the icon options on the front page
  3. In the left side navigation menu, select "GCC Custom" then "Workshop Rosters and Lab Hours"
  4. You can view workshop rosters for each campus area (Library, Learning Center, etc.) by course

Library Workshop FAQ

About Library Workshops

The Library Workshop program is designed to teach basic information competency skills to our students. If your course requires students to use research skills in completing assignments, consider referring students to one or more of our workshops. They receive hour-long instruction on such topics as: the research process, library databases, evaluating sources, and more

Many faculty assign specific workshops as required “homework.” Others recommend the Library’s workshops to students who are having difficulty with a specific skill, or as extra credit. Students register to attend workshops via MyGCC. Having completed a workshop, student attendance is reported to your custom course roster (see instructions below on "How to verify students' attendance"). 

How are the online workshops similar to or different from the traditional face-to-face workshops?

Online workshops are similarly designed to be completed in one hour, and students can complete instruction in one week for asynchronous content or in Zoom synchronously. Online workshops have the same Student Learning Outcomes as the traditional workshops, and have built-in peer-to-peer and instructor-to-student contact. Online workshops are not MOOCs or tutorials. Online workshops are delivered in Canvas and in Zoom. For more information, see the Library's online workshop program.

How do faculty verify students’ attendance in workshops?

Students enroll in the Library Workshops via MyGCC. Here is how you access your workshop rosters to verify students’ attendance per these directions:

  1. Log in to PeopleSoft via Faculty & Staff Page
  2. From the “Main Menu” select “Faculty Center”
  3. From the left side "GCC Custom" menu, select “Workshop Rosters and Lab Hours”
  4. Select "Library Workshops"
  5. Choose the semester and class
  6. Workshop Rosters include Library Workshops as well as Learning Center, Math Center, and Career Center workshops

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