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Library Workshops & Credit Courses

This guide will provide information about the library workshops, library credit courses, and other instructional services.

Description of Service

The library offers "Contextualized Research Instruction (CI)" sessions to address students' information competency needs for instructors who would like to have a librarian-lead session via Zoom to support their remote instruction class for a specific research assignment. Along with our online library workshops including OneSearch for Books & ArticlesPro-Tips for Finding Sources, and Using Peer-Reviewed Sources, the "Contextualized Research Instruction" sessions are designed to be a collaborative effort between a librarian and the instructor.  Your assigned librarian will discuss with you your desired learning outcomes and goals of the session in preparation for the session with your students. 

These sessions are typically 60 minutes long. You may select from a list of topics, including a category for something not listed, such as primary sources. Please keep in mind that in a 60-minute session, 2 learning outcomes are recommended but not more than 3.

Topics listed include:

  • Citing sources
  • Developing a research question and the research process
  • Evaluating information
  • Finding articles in library databases
  • Finding books
  • Finding reliable information on the open web
  • Other

How to request a Contextualized Research Instruction (CI) Session

  1. Submit this form to request a "Contextualized Research Instruction" session. 

  2. Include the research assignment (draft version is acceptable) that includes key information (due dates, types of sources, context, etc.); this is required

  3. Requests must be made a minimum of three weeks in advance (the earlier the better) to allow time for a librarian to be assigned to teach the session and for the librarian to coordinate with the classroom instructor regarding details, such as student learning outcomes, etc. 

What is Included in the Request?

  1. An organized CampusGuide/Research Guide that contains the assignment and relevant resources to assist students in completing the research component of the assignment. The guide can be embedded into Canvas for ease of student access. This guide is yours for future use.  
  2. A live Zoom session designed for your students and taught by a librarian. The librarian will walk students through the research requirements of the assignment, the CampusGuide/Research Guide, and respond to any student questions. The librarian will also introduce your students to other library resources and services, such as how to contact a librarian via Chat, Text, Zoom, or Email for individualized assistance.  
  3. Introduction of library resources and services to students which will improve their ability to be successful and persist in college, especially during the challenging time of remote instruction. 
  4. An opportunity for you and your students to provide feedback on this new service.  

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