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English 101 – FRESHMAN ENGLISH – Gamberg – Spring 2016

Julie Gamberg's English 101 Course Website

A Word about Non-traditional Digital Resources

The blogs found through library databases will be more reliable. Remember, because sources from library databases have been evaluated for inclusion by the database vendor AND the library has chosen to purchase this resource, you will need to spend less time ascertaining its reliability.

Again, when you find information for the purposes of research, you must do so within the context of your project; do not take for granted that every, or any source, is appropriate for your research project just because it comes from a library database.

Again, keep in mind the following:

  • Look at the big picture.
  • How does one source compare to another?
  • How is one source useful compared to another?
  • What is the purpose of one specific source to your research project?

Finding Blogs in ProQuest

Click on the images or links below to access this library resource:

  • First make sure you are in "Advanced Search" for ProQuest. Then under "document type," select the box for Blog.


Finding Blogs in LexisNexis

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