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English 101 – FRESHMAN ENGLISH – Gamberg – Spring 2016

Julie Gamberg's English 101 Course Website

A Word about Non-traditional Digital Resources

Not all resources are created equal.

Not all scholarly journal or newspaper articles or books are the same as to quality, relevance, appropriateness, accuracy, and reliability.

When you "consume" information for the purposes of research, you must do so within the context of your project and what is available to you, especially if you will be using sources to vet or qualify other sources. 


  • Look at the big picture.
  • How does one source compare to another?
  • How is one source useful compared to another?
  • What is the purpose of one specific source to your research project?

Open Web Resources: Blogs, Podcasts, Videocasts

Click on the images or links below to access these pages to blogs, podcasts, or videocasts:




Resource for Podcasts

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