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English 101 – FRESHMAN ENGLISH – Gamberg – Spring 2016

Julie Gamberg's English 101 Course Website

Web Resources: Writing Exercises

Web Resources: Writing Process

On-Campus GCC Research & Writing Support

Additional Research and Writing Support at Glendale College Library 

The GCC Library

Reference librarians are available at the GCC Library reference desk to help students one-on-one with their research needs. Reference librarians are trained information specialists know how to direct students to reliable, accurate, comprehensive, and timely information on research topics.

The GCC Library also offers a series of eight information competency workshops to help students become more confident researchers. Details of each library workshop can be found at:

To sign up for library workshops, go to:

The Learning Center

The Learning Center is another valuable resource for GCC students. The Learning Center offers seminars on a variety of topics, mostly related to writing issues. These workshops are designed to improve student comprehension of specific topics, such as run-on sentences or introductory paragraphs.

Students register for Learning Center workshops online, either before the workshop starts or at the beginning of the workshop. During the online registration, students have the option to inform their instructors of their participation.

To sign up for Learning Center workshops, go to:

Sandra Cisneros Discusses Writing


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