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Learn2 Mobile Classroom Furniture

NeoCon, KI was recognized with a Best of NeoCon Gold award for its Learn2™ Mobile Classroom Furniture in the Education Solutions category.

Designed for higher education and K-12 environments based on extensive student research, Learn2 Mobile Classroom Furniture is uniquely versatile and mobile and represents the natural progression of KI's product portfolio of collaborative educational furniture solutions.

Whether for individual study, group projects, or traditional classrooms, this seat and surface combination personalizes the learning experience.

Innovative Classroom Ideas - Rowellyn Primary School

This clip showcases furnature that creates a flexible, innovative and functional learning space for the students at Rowellyn Park Primary School. 

Students were involved in the planning process from the very begining. They played a huge role in selecting the type of the furniture and the colour schemes that you see in this video.

Furniture Design - IRTlab, Junyuan Primary School, Singapore

A look at future learning spaces and furniture design to support collaborative group work at in an IRTlab at Junyuan Primary School in Singapore. September 2010


ALC Furniture & Room Design

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