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Dr. Steve Vaisey, Anthropology, UC Berkeley, on Active Learning

Dr. Steve Vaisey shares his experience using an audience response system (Clickers) to engage his students in active learning. To learn more about Educational Technology Services at UC Berkeley, click here

University of Denver on Active Learning

Hear from University of Denver students who've traveled to India and Guatamala for service learning and worked with faculty to create community service programs.

Lecture - The End of Wonder in the Age of Whatever

Dr. Michael Wesch lecture "The End of Wonder in the Age of Whatever"

Glendale Community College, November 15, 2012 

Dr. Yaryn Bayles: Active Learning for Engineering

Dr. Taryn Bayles takes an innovative approach by incorporating project-based learning (PBL) within her Engineering courses, which results with students who "rise to the occasion and do bigger and better things."

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