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Inside Active Learning Classrooms

With round tables for discussion and high-tech accessories for interactivity, Active Learning Classrooms in the Science Teaching and Student Services building at the University of Minnesota allow for students to experience a more interactive and conversational educational environment.

Teaching and Learning Experiences in Active Learning Classrooms: Highlights

Teaching and Learning Services at McGill has produced a series of videos that highlight how Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) are being used at McGill to enhance student engagement and active and collaborative learning.


This video highlights how four McGill instructors in different disciplines have used the features of McGill's Active Learning Classrooms to engage students and promote active and collaborative learning.

Active Learning Classrooms @ The College of Biological Sciences

Learn about the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences' lecture-less active learning classrooms.

What is an Active Learning Classroom (ALC)?

Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) are designed to foster interactive, flexible, student-centered active learning experiences, and operate using central teaching stations and student-provided laptops.

Many ALCs at higher education institutions are a modification of the “SCALE-UP” (Student Centered Active Learning Environment with Upside-down Pedogogies) concept that originated at North Carolina State University and the TEAL (Technology Enhanced Active Learning) concept at MIT, and uses an adaptation of the Projection Capable Classrooms (PCC) technology system.

ALCs feature:

  • a 360-degree glass-surface marker board.
  • multiple flat-panel display projection systems.
  • round tables that accommodate seven or nine students each.
  • a centered teaching station that allows selection and display of table-specific information.

ALCs offer:

  • cooperative learning environments that encourage student collaboration and peer teaching.
  • technology that allows students to easily present work for review by peers and instructors.
  • furniture designed to facilitate small-group work.
  • the ability for instructors to interactively coach students during activities.
  • new options for student interaction and class structure.

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