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Visual and Quantitative Literacy - About this Section

This Page Contains:

Visual and Quantitative Literacy (Section Module) contains videos, tutorials, and quizzes that will introduce and explain the use of images and data in research.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Define visual literacy
  • Search, select, and evaluate images
  • Understand the rights and restrictions of image use

Linking and Embedding Credo Content in Canvas For Faculty

Adding Credo Modules to Canvas

How to Video: Adding Content Credo Reference External App 

Embedding CampusGuides in Canvas 

You can add CampusGuide content to Canvas. Directions on how to add CampusGuide content to Canvas is below.

Add Links to Individual Library Databases

Add direct links to library databases. All of our databases are behind a firewall/VPN. Each URL must have our EZ Proxy Link:


Link to the Library Database List

You can add an external link to our full database list using this URL:

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