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Information Competency Content at GCC

Information Competency Standards


ACRL Frameworks

Glendale College Library Program Learning Outcomes


  • Recognize research as a nonlinear, iterative process of inquiry. 
  • Evaluate sources for credibility, accuracy, relevance, point of view, and authority.
  • Apply critical thinking to interpret the ethical, legal, socioeconomic, and cultural value of information.





IC Task Force

IC Task Force Members:

Discipline Faculty Librarians

Shant Shahoian (English)

Piper Rooney (English)

Brian McDonald (ESL)

Yvette Ibarra (Kinesiology?)

Elizabeth Kronbeck (Social Sciences)

Nouha Hallak (Social Sciences)

Maite Peterson (Social Sciences)

Carolyn Darin (Student Services)

Zohara Kaye

Susie Chin

Christina Sheldon

Adina Lerner

Becka Cooling

Brenda Jones?

Shelley Aronoff?


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