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Information Competency Content at GCC

Credo & Information Competency

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How can Information Literacy – Core enhance instruction in your classes?

Information Literacy – Core gives you a “low lift” option to start incorporating IL instruction in your classes and assignments. If your class already focuses on IL, Information Literacy – Core complements what you’re doing through its 100-plus videos, tutorials, and assessments. Information Literacy – Core helps you increase instructional time by shifting lecturebased instruction to homework, allowing for hands-on, high-impact learning when students come to class.

Scaffolded throughout your course

Are you concerned about having enough time to cover your course’s content and incorporate research instruction into your syllabus?

  • Use multimedia to flip information literacy instruction throughout several weeks of your course. Students can go through multimedia on their own time to learn basic concepts and practice research skills.
  • Reinforce IL concepts through the research assignments you plan to give as part of your syllabus— annotated bibliographies, research papers, etc. Relevant multimedia can be shared with students at each step of a major research project.
  • Benefit: Students can benefit from information literacy instruction without a significant impact on your syllabus.

Catching Students Up

Do some of your students (transfer students, non-traditional students, at risk students) need a refresher or additional help with how to do research? •

  • Use multimedia as a remedial tool for students who need to review basic information literacy skills. By making materials available online, you can give students help they need without significantly impacting your course syllabus.
  • Benefit: Students who need additional help can catch up privately and benefit from information literacy instruction without a significant impact on your syllabus.

Credo Modules and Content

Credo modules include tutorials, videos, and quizzes outlining the research process, academic honesty, and using data. You can access the content with Canvas integration options on the left side of the guide's navigation.

Content Listing (as of July 2022)

Using Credo IC Modules

  • Getting Started Using Instruct
  • Video: Why IL Matters to Faculty
  • Tutorial: Designing Effective Research Assignments

Getting Started with Research

  • Introduction
  • Pre-Test
  • Tutorial: Why Information Literacy Matters
  • Video: Life in the Information Age
  • Videos: Research Process
  • Tutorial: Developing a Research Focus
  • Video: How to Narrow Your Topic
  • Tutorial: Background Research Tips
  • Video Tutorial: Beginning Research with Wikipedia/Google
  • Video: Thesis Statements
  • Quiz: Thesis Statements
  • Tutorial: Scholarship as Conversation
  • Quiz: The Research Process
  • Tutorial: Research for Persuasive Writing
  • Video: Creating a Research Plan
  • Video: Framing a Problem
  • Quiz: Research Strategies

Citations and MLA/APA/Chicago Styles

  • Video: Why Citations Matter
  • Tutorial: Why Citations Matter
  • Video: APA 6th Edition Citations
  • Tutorial: APA 6th Edition Citations
  • Quiz: APA 6th Edition Citations
  • Tutorial: APA Citations 7th Edition
  • Quiz: APA Citations 7th Edition
  • Video: MLA 7th Edition Citation Style
  • Video: MLA 8th Edition Citation Style
  • Tutorial: MLA 8th Edition Citation Style
  • Quiz: MLA 8th Edition Citations
  • Video: MLA 9th Edition Citation Style
  • Tutorial: MLA 9th Edition Citation Style
  • Quiz: MLA 9th Edition Citations
  • Video: Turabian Citation Style 9th Ed.
  • Quiz: Turabian Citations
  • Video: Harvard Citation Style
  • Video: Chicago Style 17th ed. Journals
  • Video: Chicago Style, 17th ed. Books and eBooks
  • Video: Chicago Style, 17th ed. Websites and Social Media
  • Quiz: Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition

Sources of Information

  • Video: Data, Information, and Knowledge
  • Video: Primary & Secondary Research
  • Video: Peer Review
  • Quiz: Peer Review
  • Video: Types of Sources
  • Tutorial: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources
  • Quiz: Primary & Secondary Sources
  • Tutorial: Source Types
  • Quiz: Types of Sources
  • Tutorial: How To Read Scholarly Materials
  • Video: How to Read Scholarly Materials
  • Tutorial: Selecting Appropriate Digital Sources

Searching for Information

  • Video Tutorial: Searching as Exploration
  • Video: Choosing a Database
  • Quiz: Choosing a Database
  • Tutorial: Choosing & Using Keywords
  • Quiz: Choosing and Using Keywords
  • Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 1
  • Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 2
  • Video: Refining Search Results
  • Quiz: Search Techniques

Evaluating Information

  • Video: What is Authority?
  • Video: Introduction to Bias
  • Video: Types of Bias
  • Quiz: Bias
  • Video: Evaluating Sources
  • Tutorial: Evaluating Information
  • Quiz: Evaluating Information
  • Tutorial: Choosing the Best Web Source
  • Video Tutorial: Understanding Misinformation
  • Quiz: Misinformation
  • Tutorial: Verifying Intent, Language, Evidence, and Coverage
  • Tutorial: News Reporting vs. Opinion Pieces in Journalism
  • Tutorial: Evaluating Digital Sources Using Lateral Reading

Presenting and Organizing Information

  • Video: Synthesis
  • Tutorial: Synthesizing Information for Academic Writing
  • Quiz: Synthesizing Information for Academic Writing
  • Video: Anatomy of a Research Paper
  • Quiz: Anatomy of a Research Paper
  • Video: Writing Help
  • Tutorial: Paraphrasing, Quoting, and Summarizing
  • Video: Academic Writing
  • Video: Understanding the Communication Need
  • Tutorial: Annotated Bibliography
  • Tutorial: Study Skills
  • Tutorial: Presentation Skills
  • Quiz: Writing and Communication

Using Information Honestly/Information Ethics

  • Tutorial: Academic Integrity
  • Video: Plagiarism
  • Tutorial: Information Has Value
  • Quiz: Information Ethics
  • Tutorial: Copyright
  • Tutorial: Digital Privacy
  • Tutorial: Introduction to Digital Citizenship
  • Tutorial: Digital Citizenship in Practice
  • Quiz: Digital Citizenship in Practice

Visual and Quantitative Literacy

  • Video: Searching for Images
  • Video: Interpreting Images
  • Tutorial: Why Does Visual Literacy Matter?
  • Quiz: Visual Literacy
  • Video: Using Quantitative Data
  • Video: Evaluating Statistics
  • Quiz: Quantitative Reasoning

Using Critical Thinking and Logic

  • Video: Why Thinking Matters
  • Video: Inquiry
  • Tutorial: Logical Reasoning
  • Video: Evidence-Based Reasoning
  • Tutorial: Analyzing Information

Culture and Citizenship

  • Video: Introduction to Cultural Issues
  • Video: Global Citizenship
  • Video: Introduction to Civic Engagement
  • Video: Introduction to Civic Action
  • Quiz: Culture and Citizenship
  • Quiz: Civic Engagement and Civic Action


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