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Business Administration 166 - Advertising - Cardona

This guide will support BUSAD 166 with Prof. Rafael Cardona including resources for completing assignments and learning about advertising concepts.

Review and Understand Your Assignment

The purpose of this stepwise assignment is to create a creative brief for your business. You will start by answering these questions in the Creative Brief Template below then create a more visual project based on these questions.

Use the template document in your course Canvas to complete the assignment. This document is just an example.

If you have any questions about the brief assignment, contact your professor immediately.

What is a creative brief?

A creative brief is the very foundation of of any advertising or marketing campaign. The briefing is the treasure map that creative people follow. It shows the creative professionals not only where to start digging to find golden ideas, but also how to open the treasure chest.

By definition, a creative brief (or creative briefing) is a document produced by the requester, or customer, with the goal of establishing the defining aspects of a creative piece of work. The term is often heard in the advertising market, in which it represents the first step in the journey of producing all sorts of material, such as: 

  • • Marketing campaigns 
  • • Promotional videos 
  • • Websites 
  • • Print ads 
  • • Website banners 

According to Pipefy, a creative brief is a blueprint, a guide and even a source of inspiration for the professional who will receive the request. It should give as much details and context it possibly can, like: 

  • • Demand’s objectives 
  • • Targeted audience 
  • • Ideal tone 
  • • Deadline 
  • • Budget 

A Creative Brief contemplates the what, who, where and when of a demand. 

Examples of Creative Briefs

coke creative brief

Coca-Cola Creative Brief

Example: Coca-Cola Creative Brief

Text: This creative brief outlines includes relevant data about the current Coca-Cola brand, challenges to the marketing, ideas, and results to be expected from the campaign. It also features example ads and advertising spots for the product to give the company a better idea of engagement and outcomes.

PayPal Creative Brief

Example: PayPal Creative Brief

Text: This creative brief includes problem areas of the company (users misinterpreting services), the goal of the brief, the insights established from research, target markets, and opportunities for growth.

Quaker Creative Brief

Example: Quaker Creative Brief

Text: This creative brief provides facts on the key demographics (American families), the problem of Quaker (people don't have time for breakfast), the objective of this brief, and the guidelines for creating cultural connection to the company and products.

NetFlix Creative Brief

Example: Netflix Creative Brief

Text: This creative brief outlines the background of NetFlix, challenges and purpose of communications, the target audience (people 20-50 with 70K or more incomes who like TV and movies), and the media strategy needed to reach them with the product.

dove creative brief

Dove Creative Brief

Example: Dove Creative Brief

Text: This creative brief is all text which NOT suggested. However, as an outline, it includes the assignment for the campaign which is a video for the Real Beauty campaign. It says who the target audience is (practical people who like simple beauty), the problems that presents an ad opportunity (highlighting imperfections and re-envisioning how we define beauty for women), and what to do in the brief to achieve this opportunity (use non-traditional, natural looking women who are friendly and empathetic).

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