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Business Administration 162 - Principles of Marketing - Cardona

Business Administration 162 is a principles of Marketing class intended for students of business administration or business owners interested in mastering the art of branding

Welcome to the Marketing Guide with Instructor Cardona

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What Is This Guide?

This guide is to help you complete the Marketing Plan assignment as well as general resources for the Business Administration (BUSAD) 162 Marketing course with Prof. Cardona. Some of these resources will be publicly available online while others may require your GCC login to (same sign on as your Canvas). If you need help at any time, please contact your librarian Aisha Conner-Gaten, aconnergaten [at]

For information and the latest updates on your Marketing Plan assignment, please visit the BUSAD 162 Canvas course.

Directions to Use This Guide

Use this guide by selecting the tabs on the left side of the screen on desktop/laptop or by finding the tabs at the top of the screen on a smartphone.

Marketing Resources and Essential Books

Videos for Understanding Marketing 

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