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Information Competency at GCC

Information Competency Standards


Glendale College Library is currently revising Information Competency (IC) learning outcomes based on the new ACRL Frameworks for Information Literacy for Higher Education (2016).  Here is the most recent draft: (presently DRAFT 5)


The old IC outcomes document was last revised in 2007 and was based on IC standards from Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education (2000).  

Where We Are At and The Plan Forward.

Library PLOs and IC SLOs

Draft IC at GCC learning outcomes were rewritten to reflect the 2016 Frameworks in Fall 2018/Winter 2019. This (presently DRAFT 5) is a major revision, as the new ACRL Frameworks are very conceptual and less skills based than the old ACRL Standards, which necessitated the need to create an "auxiliary" document with  outcome examples or unit objectives.  

IC Unit Objectives

We are currently exploring three different models of "auxiliary outcome examples" including (Scaffolded), (Not scaffolded), and a Basic list. The purpose of IC Unit Objectives is to help scaffold IC SLOs within course modules/units and research assignments.   

Tentitive Plan/timeline moving forward:

1. Review of Draft PLOs/SLOs by librarians. (presently DRAFT 5). 

2. Decide on Model for auxiliary examples/unit objectives (Scaffolded)(Not scaffolded), and a Basic list.

2. IC Task Force - Review/Discussion of IC PLOs/SLOs and IC Unit Objectives within Disciplines (help build out the IC Unit Objectives?);

3. IC Task Force - Review/Discussion of changes (if any) to ILOs

4. Recommendations to IC PLOs/SLOs go back to librarians for approval, then to LICC.

5. Recommendations to IC ILOs go to librarians for review, then to the LO Committee.

After approval by Library, LICC, Academic Affairs; and LO/Senate:

1. Map new IC SLOs to Library workshop program, and Library credit courses

2. Map new IC SLOs for non-credit ESL, credit ESL, English, Social Sciences, Student Services (other?) [based on the scaffolded model of auxiliary outcomes].  Here is the IC@GCC (Credo Instruct) Example Curriculum mapped to the ACRL Frames



ACRL Frameworks NEW: Frameworks for Information Literacy for Higher Education, Approved in 2016 by ACRL

 Current Drafts:

 DRAFT 5 of NEW Information Competency at GCC - Library/IC PLOs

 DRAFT 1 of "Auxiliary" Outcome Examples (Scaffolded) 

 Draft 2 of "Auxiliary" Outcome Examples (No scaffolding) 

 Draft 3 of "Auxiliary" Outcome Examples (Basic list of examples)

OLDER Drafts:

 DRAFT of NEW Information Competency at GCC - Library PLOs

 DRAFT of "Auxiliary" Outcome Examples for "Information Has Value"

 DRAFT of "Auxiliary" Outcome Examples (incomplete)

(OLD) Information Competency at GCC - The Core Competencies (2007 rev.)

(OLD) Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education, Approved in 2000 by ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries of the American Library Association)


IC Task Force

IC Task Force Members:

Discipline Faculty Librarians

Shant Shahoian (English)

Piper Rooney (English)

Brian McDonald (ESL)

Yvette Ibarra (Kinesiology?)

Elizabeth Kronbeck (Social Sciences)

Nouha Hallak (Social Sciences)

Maite Peterson (Social Sciences)

Carolyn Darin (Student Services)

Zohara Kaye

Susie Chin

Christina Sheldon

Adina Lerner

Becka Cooling

Brenda Jones?

Shelley Aronoff?


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