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ENGL 101/101+ - FRESHMAN ENGLISH - Gover

This guide will support ENGL 101 and 101+ for Prof. Gover's Essay 3 Prompt.

Creating a Research Question

6 Parts of the Research Question

Consider at least 3 of these questions using your topic when creating a research question:

  1. WHO: Who is involved? Whom does it affect?
  2. WHAT: What are the facts? What is the problem or issue? What is similar to this? What other concepts are related?+
  3. WHEN: Did this happen during a certain time? What is the most updated information about this available?
  4. WHERE: Where did this begin? Where does it fall morally (good/bad/fair)? Where is there more information?
  5. WHY: Why did it happen? What were the causes that led to this? Is there previous evidence for this?
  6. HOW: How did it happen? How serious is the problem? How can it be solved?

who, what, when, where, why and how topic questions

Adapted from LMU Libguide: Need a Topic

Practice Topic Development

Let's practice using our topic example: alcohol abuse and student success. If we answer at least 3 of our helpful questions above:

  1. WHOCollege age students, young adults, people between the ages of 18-25
  2. WHAT: Alcohol use statistics in colleges, alcohol related deaths for students, dropout rates and stories, drunk driving, college partying, grades, graduation rates
  3. WHERE: United States College and Universities
  4. WHY: Need for stress relief, socialization, fitting in, hazing for fraternities and sororities, boredom
  5. HOW: Raising taxes on alcohol, less ads for alcohol, tougher sentencing for alcohol related offenses

Putting It Together

My research question: Does drinking alcohol negatively affect college student grades in the United States?


Databases that help with Research Questions

Finding a Topic

Your essay must take a position on some topic related to schooling during the pandemic. Use the databases below to see what people are saying about the pandemic first to get some background information.

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