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ENGL 101/101+ - FRESHMAN ENGLISH - Gover

This guide will support ENGL 101 and 101+ for Prof. Gover's Essay 3 Prompt.

Recommended Keywords for Researching Your Assignment

Library databases work best when you choose keywords instead of using sentences or full questions. When creating keywords think about:

  • What are non-essential words? These words have no direct meaning for your topic. For example: the, Why, How, and, etc.
  • What are the concepts or ideas involved? For example: COVID-19, pandemic, internet access, etc.
  • Are there specific populations involved? For example: children, senior citizens, Black women, etc.
  • Is there a specific location or environment? For example: California, high schools, swamps, etc.

For example, my research question: Does drinking alcohol negatively affect college student grades in the United States?

  • Question: What are the words that have no meaning in my question?
  • Answer: Does, drinking, negatively, affect, in, the

My research keywords becomes alcohol AND college student AND grades AND United states. Using "And" tells the database to combine all these words in one source.

research question keywords

Suggested Terms To Get Started

Generating Search Terms

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