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Garfield ALMA Guide

Practice Using Alma


Part 1: Activities

Note: (Practice sets are in right most cabinet behind ref. desk as you’re looking at the cabinets)

1. To be able to complete Activity 1, Garfield Student01 (this is their first and last name), ID# garstu01 must not have any items checked out to them. Therefore, firstly please retrieve this patron’s record and if there are any items under the Loans tab, check in these items.

  1. After completing the above, check out the books in Practice Set 1 to the student garstu01. 

2. Return the items in Practice Set 1.  Where is each item shelved? 

Mathematical reasoning…

Applying for a Job…



Side by Side…

Microsoft Office…

Of Mice and Men


3a. Check out one item from Practice Set 1 to ID # garstu01 and before closing the patron record, modify the due date to four weeks from today.

Note: if you fail to get a successful due date change message, make sure you have clicked the box next to the item(s) in the Loan Display area.

4b. Check in the item and return Practice Set 1 to the cabinet.

4a. Which items does patron Garfield Student02 ID, ID garstu02 have checked out and when are they due?

4b. garstu02 calls to ask that only the item, Lebron James, be renewed? What is the result of your action for this request? 

4c. Modify the due date for Lebron James to tomorrow’s date.

NOTE: To be able to complete the following exercise, Garfield Student03 must have this book checked out (How to Live Green 323240259182+) and Garfield Student04 must have this book checked out (How to Live Green 323240259181/). If these books are not checked out to these students, please check them out before completing this activity.

5a.  Does this student, garstu02, have a request for a title?

5b. The student asks to borrow How to Live Green?  Can he do so? If not, what can you do to help the student?

6. Garfield Student03, ID Garstu03 returns a copy of How to Live Green (Practice set 3).  Do you shelve it?

7a. Garstu02 calls and ask that their hold for How to Live Green be cancelled.  Cancel the hold and then check the book in (AFTER cancelling hold) so the location will be appropriately updated.  NOTE: Richmond is exploring whether there is a better way to handle cancelling a hold.

7b. Check out the copy of How to Live Green that was being held for garstu02 to garstu03 and return it to cabinet with label Practice Set 3.

Part 2: Results

For activity 2:

Mathematical reasoning…      GED books (per “description” under next step).

Applying for a Job…  Listen & Learn (also described in next step as well as the popup note about 2 items).

Celeste….                    Children’s Books (per description under next step).

Fundamentals…          The description under next step says Reserves; this ‘location’ is for the sets of books to the left of the reference desk.  In this case, the book is labeled ESL textbook and goes on the shelf, second range back.

Side by Side…             The description under next step says Reserves; this ‘location’ is for the sets of books to the left of the reference desk.  In this case, the book is labeled CalWorks and goes on shelf to third range back

Microsoft Office…     OBT textbooks shelf to left of text.  In this case, there is nothing in the next step column to indicate this set of books has a special location, so you use the spine label to know this. 

Of Mice and Men                    The message is Garfield reserve, but there is no spine label to tell you which reserve shelf it belongs on.  This is one of the High School collection books, second range back and we just have to remember these titles.

Tess…                          Level 4-5 readers

For Activity 4:

  1. Michelle Obama by Duling and Lebron James also by Duling are checked out to garstu02.
  2. the title is renewed for two more weeks..

For Activity 5

  1. there are no requests pending.
  2. Place a hold on the title How to Live Green for this student.

For Activity 6:    No, you will receive a popup that there is a hold on this title.  If the hold slip does not automatically print, follow the instructions in the Garfield Alma Instructions campus guide in the “Requested Title is Returned…” box on the Requests/Hold tab on how to do a print screen.

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