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Garfield ALMA Guide


  1. Click ‘Fulfillment’ Menu Tab
    1. Under ‘Checkout/Checkin’, click ‘Manage Patron Services’
  2. Retrieve patron record by scanning student ID card or by typing in the student ID number in the search box.
    1. Patron records can also be searched by last name and first name by typing in search box. NOTE: capitalization is not required nor is a comma required between first and last name.  ALSO NOTE: there is sometimes a delay when searching by name.  If you receive a note that "record not found", try again.  This delay problem has been reported.
      1. Searching by name or ID can possible return more than one match
    2. Match name and ID on card and after selecting desired record click ‘Go’

3. Upon record retrieval, the screen will display the "loans" version of the patron record, for example. Note: that the Loan Display and other tabs have drop down menus with various choices, e.g., in Loan Display, the choices are All Loans or Loans from this session.  The screen will show whatever choice the last system user made.  If the last system user chose All Loans, then the next system user will also see All Loans.  Therefore, double check that what you see when you open the patron record is the view that you want; if not, use the dropdown menu to change to another view.

NOTE: the dog ears on the Loans and Returns tab under the patron record. This means that there is data for these items, that is, outstanding loans and list of patron returns (it is intended to make the returns tab void to protect patron privacy).  If the Requests tab were dog eared, this means the patron has an outstanding hold (or request).

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