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Library Workshops & Credit Courses

This guide will provide information about the library workshops, library credit courses, and other instructional services.

LIB 100 Critical Approaches to Information Research

(3 units) Transfer Credit:  UC, CSU

LIB 100 introduces students the effective use of library and non-library information resources and services in a variety of academic disciplines and professions. Students learn the core concepts of information retrieval and the essential techniques of organizing, presenting, evaluating, and analyzing information as well as how to properly attribute sources used.

Topics include:

  • information cycle and timeline 
  • comparing, contrasting, and selecting library and open web resources 
  • types and characteristics of information sources 
  • effective information research planning 
  • search techniques, evaluation criteria, and ethical use of information

This class enhances critical thinking and evaluation skills by using a variety of textual, graphical, visual, and audio (re)sources to assess how information is produced, consumed, and presented and teaches students how to assess sources for perspective, veracity, and authority in order to develop the ability to apply critical thinking practices to specific disciplinary contexts and information problems within the student’s field of interest.

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