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History 152 - SOCIAL PROTEST MOVEMENTS, 1954 - 1974 - Professor Beth Kronbeck

Instructions for Current Events

Social Protests Current Events

This course requires 4 Current Events. 

Due Dates:  Please refer to your syllabus for all due dates

Description:  People protest everyday.  Find an article about a social protest and/or movement and write to me about it.  Remember that there are many different protests - from Black Lives Matter to issues of Climate Change to March for our Lives.  Find a protest where people come together to collectively have their voice heard.

Please answer:  Paragraph One:  What is the article about?    Paragraph 2: What are your critical/analytical thoughts about it?  

You must CITE your source with Chicago Style Citation.


Description of Article:  1 Point

Critical Analysis:          2 Points

Chicago Citation:         2 Points

Be sure and use our Course Campus Guide for help and ease in finding current events.

Researching Current Events

Use these databases and websites to find recent articles from magazine and newspapers:


Define a specific date range to only find articles published within the last 2 weeks:

Bias in and Reliability of News Sources

The Interactive Media Bias Chart visualizes the complex media landscape by plotting news sources on a chart according to reliability and bias. You can read about the methodology used to create the chart here: Methodology Summary

Five Steps for Vetting the News

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