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History 152 - SOCIAL PROTEST MOVEMENTS, 1954 - 1974 - Professor Beth Kronbeck


History 152

Due Date: Varied – see syllabus and/or Canvas


The purpose of this assignment is for your group to enhance the learning of the class by introducing them to other significant aspects of your particular Social Movement. 

You must locate and document primary sources from the years 1954-1974 that help add meaning and significance to the Social Movement that you signed up for.

You must find these primary sources:

  • HISTORICAL WRITING – find a letter, a memoir, a speech, statement of purpose, etc.
  • NEWSPAPER ARTICLE – find an article from a major U.S. Newspaper that covered some aspect of your Social Movement.
  • PIECE OF LEGISLATION and/or COURT RULING and/or Government Document – find a piece of legislation (law) that changed because of the influence of your Social Movement.*
  • PHOTOGRAPH – A picture tells a thousand words.  Find one and share it.
  • FAMOUS AND/OR SIGNIFICANT QUOTE – Words move people to action.  Find a moving quote that you feel sums up or represents your movement.
  • SONG/LYRICS and/or AUDIO FILE -  locate a song or lyrics or an audio file for your movement.
  • MISCELLANEOUS SOURCE – locate one other primary source that has not been listed above.  This source can be a poster, a flag, a map, files, etc.

*For some Social Movements, you MAY USE a piece of legislation that occurred AFTER 1974, very often, change takes time.

Create a PowerPoint presentation featuring each of your primary sources with the correct citation.  Each PowerPoint presentation will be uploaded to Canvas and will become part of course content for the next exam.


Each group has 20 minutes for their presentations.  You are not expected to give a lecture, but you need to be prepared to discuss each of your primary documents and relate their importance to your social movement.  Primary sources are FACTS.  It is the job of your group to apply meaning to those facts.  You may ask questions of the class, read to the class, create discussion forums, etc. 



7 Primary Sources All 7 Primary Sources were found and presented to the class 4 Points each Source = 28 Points
Citation Page Chicago Style Citations for all 7 sources 6 Points
Presentation Class Presentation with explanation of all Primary Sources 6 Points


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