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About the Library

This section of the website provides general information about the library.

Glendale Community College Library

Our Mission

Glendale Community College Library teaches information competency skills that empower students as successful information consumers and creators in the global community.

We further the evolving instructional mission of Glendale Community College by:

  • Teaching students how to strategically explore and critically evaluate information to make informed academic, professional, and life decisions.
  • Advancing research across the disciplines by selecting the most accurate, diverse, relevant, comprehensive, and current sources for the library collections.
  • Offering a welcoming space to study, read, create, and collaborate as well as providing an accessible online presence.
  • Advocating for diversity, equity, inclusion, and access through our programs, services, collections, individual actions, and collective efforts.
  • Fostering intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and an appreciation of the diversity of human thought.
  • Recognizing and affirming the identities and needs of our community at large.

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