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About the Library

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission is to give students the information skills they need to be successful at Glendale College as well as in upper division courses, in the job market, and as information consumers and creators throughout their lives. 


As reference librarians, we are here to help students learn to use the library's information resources, whether within or beyond its "invisible walls."

As instructors we are here to teach students how to find, evaluate, incorporate, use, create and communicate information effectively.

As experts in knowledge resources, we support research in other disciplines by selecting the most accurate, fair, diverse, relevant, comprehensive and current sources available.

We provide an unrestricted gateway to sources of knowledge throughout the world, and are committed to providing equal access to Library programs and resources for all learners, whatever their level and wherever they are located.

We offer a quiet sanctuary in which to study, read, and think, whether alone or with others.

We seek always to instill a love of books and of ideas and an appreciation of the rich history of human thought, to serve as a place of refreshment and a spirit of enlightenment for the campus community.


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