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Vote 2024

A guide to the 2024 elections


The 2024 Presidential Election

The first step in a presidential election are the primaries.  These are elections where the political parities in each state either select candidates for the general election happening on the first Tuesday in November or they select delegates to a political party convention.  The type of primary varies from state to state - See Voting in Primaries Fact Sheet.

Primaries occur from February through June - See 2024 PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY DATES.

Key Dates in the 2024 Presidential election include the following:

February 23 - South Carolina Republic Primary

March 5 -  "Super Tuesday" when the greatest number of states hold primaries, including California


What is a Primary and what is a Caucus?


Check to see if you're already registered to vote.

Check if you're registered

In the primary election, voters who have registered for a specific political party will automatically receive a ballot, but if you've registered as "No Party Preference," you'll have to take an extra step to vote in the primary. Check out the California Secretary of State's How to Vote for U.S. President to learn how to vote in the primary election.

If not, you can easily register to vote online! And if you are 16 years old, you can pre-register to vote when you become 18.

 Register now

In person voting: Vote centers in Los Angeles County open for in-person voting beginning February 24, 2024. Locate the Vote Centers in your area. 


California Official Voters' Guide 


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