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Faculty Guide to Streaming Media

Library Streaming Media Options

What is it?

Films on Demand is an online library of streaming videos, as well as hundreds of PBS, BCC and HBO Documentary Films, with new titles added regularly.

Create an Account

How do I create an account?
  1. Access Films on Demand from the library's Databases A-Z page.
  2. Login with your email (if off-campus), students, faculty and staff can create a personal user account.
  3. Locate "Your Profile" in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, click "New user? Sign up."
What are the benefits of doing this?

Using a personal account allows you to customize playlists, save favorites, and take advantage of other features.

  • Use Films on Demand's "Advanced Search" then filter by "Custom Content" to browse films owned by the library.  Results can also be filtered by producer (i.e. HBO, PBS, etc.).
  • Use the Films on Demand Canvas app.




How do I create an account?

  1. Go to Kanopy using the Databases A-Z. Select "K"
  2. Log in with your GCC email (if off-campus).
  3. Locate the "sign up" button in the upper right corner of the screen.  

If you have set-up a personal account with a public library, this is separate from the GCC account. Log in using and your GCC login.

What are the benefits of doing this?

  • Allows you to add films to your watchlist.
  • Lets you curate your own playlists of films and clips, that can be shared with your students via Canvas, email, social media or your website.
  • Gives you control of user settings including playback and closed captioning.

Request to License Kanopy film

If you use any Kanopy video/s more than 60 times in 12 months, we ask you to license them. This helps us keep the cost of Kanopy inline to what we can support. Please complete the form. A librarian will respond to your request as soon as possible, but it is best to give us at least 3 days notice. Once the videos are licensed, they are available within an hour.



10,000+ videos of laboratory methods and science concepts

Access JoVE using the Databases A-Z > J

Create an Account using your GCC email :

Accounts are recommended.  You can save your selections and quizzes. 

Tips: Start with the Librarians tab at the top to find the Faculty Resource Center. JoVE offers a free service to help you map their videos to your syllabus. 


Digital Theatre Plus logo
What is it?

Access to some of the world's finest theatrical productions. It includes backstage insights, practitioner interviews and written analysis. 

How do I create an account?
  1. Access DigitalTheatre+ from the library's Databases A-Z "D" .
  2. Log in with GCC email (if off-campus).


3C Media Solutions logo
What is it?

3C Media Solutions is the educational media distribution source for video content, podcasts, streaming services, and event coverage for the 114 campuses of the California Community Colleges System. (Account Required)

How do I create an account?

Faculty and staff of the California Community Colleges System may create an account (free of charge). 

  1. Go to 3C Media Solutions.
  2. Select "Register" in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Select "Create a New Account."
  4. Complete the form (be sure to include your GCC email address).
What are the benefits of doing this?
  • personal account for uploading and storing media
  • ability to share media privately or publicly (embed, email link, or post to the 3C site)
  • option to create a 'group' for joint access
  • request captioning for your instructional videos in a few short, simple steps
  • Free cloud storage for California Community College instructors.
  • Store and organize all of your instructional videos and streaming media.

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