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Faculty Guide to Streaming Media

Access New York Times Video

Access The New York Times video & documentaries:

Embedding Video into Canvas:

1. Copy the embed link that is visible in the upper right corner of the video once it start to play. Example here.
2. Paste the video into Canvas the embed link.  The embed icon to the far right in the editing tool bar. Paste in link and save.

Example of embedded video

How to embed media from an external source (Canvas Instructions)

Embedding videos into CampusGuides

1. Copy the embed link that is visible in the upper right corner of the video once it start to play. Example here.

2. The video is embedding using HTML. Use the Source selection in the lower right of the text editing toolbar. Paste the embed code and save. 

New York Times Online

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The New York Times logo

The GCC Library provides free access to the New York Times website ( and mobile apps for all students, staff, and faculty at GCC.

To activate your free access, go to New York Times: GCC Academic Pass.

If you already have a New York Times online account, please review the steps below to convert your personal subscription.

Starting on January 1, 2024, we will switch to an All Access subscription (including Games, Cooking, Wirecutter, and The Athletic). If you already have claimed your Academic Pass, no action is necessary on your part.

How to Access the GCC New York Times Subscription

New York Times inEducation



New York Times inEducation is included with GCC's New York Times subscription, but it requires creating a creating a separate account with your GCC email address

Visit New York Times inEducation to:

  • Read the latest Faculty Contributions linked to various subject areas and learning outcomes. New content is added every week.
  • Visit Article Recommendations to discover additional articles related to your area of study.
  • Visit Resources to find additional topic pages relevant to your area of interest, sign up for email newsletters, set up customs news alerts, and much more.
  • Visit Co-Curricular ideas to see how colleges and universities around the globe use NY Times content to enrich learning outside of the classroom.

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