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Nursing Resources

This guide presents an introduction to GCC Library resources for students in the Nursing Program.

What Do We Mean by Evidence-Based Nursing?

"The conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients or groups ...requires integration of individual clinical expertise and patient preferences with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research, and consideration of available resources."

      --DiCenso A, Guyatt G, Ciliska D. Evidence-based nursing: a guide to clinical practice. St. Louis: Mosby; 2005.

       --Evidence-Based Practice in the Health Sciences: Evidence-Based Nursing Tutorial, Information Services, Dept. of the Library of the Health Sciences-Chicago, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago


Evidence Based Nursing is divided into a 5-step process:

   1. Formulating a searchable question

   2. Searching the literature efficiently

   3. Appraising the literature critically

   4. Applying the result to clinical practice or patient

   5. Evaluating the outcomes of the applied evidence in your practice or patient

 The first three steps are the ones for which the GCC Library is here to support you.  

To learn more about Evidence Based Nursing practice, take the tutorial linked below on this page.

Evidence Based Practice Tutorial for Nurses

This tutorial will guide you through the five steps of evidence based practice with example case studies to better your understanding of each step.

A tutorial is from the University of Minnesota Health Sciences Libraries

Books on Evidence-Based Nursing in the Library

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