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Link to GCC NYTimes account

The GCC Library provides access to the New York Times website ( and mobile apps for all students, staff, and faculty at GCC.

To access your free account, go to New York Times: GCC Academic Pass

If you already have a New York Times online account, please review the steps below to convert your personal subscription.

How to Access the GCC New York Times Subscription

New Users

  1. Go to New York Times: GCC Academic Pass.

  2. If the GCC Portal login appears, log in using your GCC Canvas username and password.Screenshot of GCC Portal login

  3. Create a New York Times account using any email address.Screenshot of NY Times Academic Pass interface

  4. Select your account type and select a graduation year, if you are a student. Then click sign up.Screenshot of GCC Academic Pass website

  5. You'll now see your account expiration date. Click "Get Started" to be redirected to of NY Times Academic Pass interface

You will now have direct access to until your account expiration date. You will not have to use the GCC Academic Pass website again until you need to renew your account.

If you encounter an error message or any other issues, email for support.

Existing Registered Users

If you already have an account, you can connect it to the GCC subscription using the steps below.

  • EXISTING registered subscribers with ACTIVE, PAID subscriptions must first cancel their personal subscriptions by contacting New York Times support before linking their account to GCC's subscription using New York Times: GCC Academic Pass.
  • EXISTING registered users that DO NOT HAVE ACTIVE subscriptions
    • Go to New York Times: GCC Academic Pass.
    • Click on "Already have an account? Log in here »" (found below "Create Account").
    • Input the email address and password for your existing account.
    • Select your account type and select a graduation year, if you are a student. Then click sign up.
    • If you encounter an error message, email for support.

Tips and Troubleshooting

  • If you have an existing paid subscription, you must cancel it before it may be linked to GCC's subscription. You may cancel through NY Times Customer Care: / 800-591-9233 / chat
  • The Academic Pass page is needed ONLY to sign up for or renew account access; Access all content at or download the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Students will have access until December 31 of the year they graduate.
  • Faculty and staff must renew their Academic Pass every four years. New York Times recommends adding your pass expiration date to your calendar as they do not issue reminders.
  • Forgot your password? Reset it here:
  • Any other issues? Check the New York Times Pass Troubleshooting Guide or email for support.

New York Times inEducation




The New York Times inEducation is included with our subscription, although it requires creating a creating a separate account with your GCC email address

  • Read the latest Faculty Contributions linked to various subject areas and learning outcomes. New content added every week.
  • Visit Article Recommendations to discover additional articles related to your area of study.
  • Visit Resources to find additional topic pages relevant to your area of interest, sign up for email newsletters, set up customs news alerts, and much more.
  • Visit Co-Curricular ideas to see how colleges and universities around the globe use NY Times content to enrich learning outside of the classroom.

Accessing New York Times inEducation

New York Times inEducation is hosted at Students and faculty can simply register and login with their GCC email address.

  1. Go to If it is your first time, go to the upper right-hand corner and click on “Register.” If you already registered, click “Log in” and proceed to the site.
  2. Register using your GCC email address.
  3. Log in to your account. In the future, you can click "Log in" and proceed to the site.

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