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LGBTQ+ Resources

This guide provides links to library journals, books, and open access content available online relating to LGBTQ history, resources, and experiences.

Use OneSearch to find other books or articles on LGBTQ topics or issues

OneSearch is the primary tool used at the GCC Library to help you find books and database articles with a single search! It includes e-books, access to full-text material from most of the Library's databases and scholarly articles from well-regarded online databases. Watch the video below to learn more about using OneSearch.

Specifically, when researching for LGBTQ related topics, keep in mind that this area has been written about frequently, your results list could be in the thousands, and you will probably want to focus your search in a number of ways:

  • Do your search in sections.  Do an initial search for books on the topic or issue in which you are interested and then a second search for articles in databases.

IMPORTANT: since the Library's physical books are not available at this time, before you look at your results, select Available Online in the left hand column.


  • Use more specific search terms, for example, Lesbians or Gay rights or Same-sex marriage.  Or add additional terms to your search.  The more terms you use in a search, usually the fewer and more relevant your results will be.  Some suggested keywords for searches on LGBTQ topics/issues are provided below.  

REMINDER: it's highly unlikely that you will receive zero results for a search, but if you do, then be sure to check your spelling - that's usually the problem.  

  • You can also limit your search by country, e.g., Gay rights - United States or by time period, e.g., Gay rights - History - 21st century.
  • Another way to focus and limit your results is to request only results in a specific date range.  This is particularly valuable for searches on contemporary events and topics.  


Suggested keywords for searching LGTBQ issues / topics


Coming out (Sexual orientation)

Decimation against intersex 

Gay activists

Gay community

Gay liberation movement

Gay parents

Gay rights

Gays and sports

Gender identity

Gender identity in literature

Homosexuality in literature

[other groups] in literature


Homophobia in schools

Homophobia in sports

Homophobia in the workplace


Homosexuality and education

Intersex people


Same-sex marriage

Sex discrimination in employment

Sex role

Sex role in mass media

Sexual minorities

Sexual orientation

Transgender people



How to Get Help From a Librarian

The suggested search terms above are by no means complete.  If you are experiencing any problems in finding relevant books or articles on your interests using any of these search terms, please ask a Librarian for assistance, either in person during the Library's open hours or via Chat.


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