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History 111 - Women in American History - Kronbeck

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Assignment Instructions

One of the criticisms of Wikipedia is that it contains a “Western ‘white’ bias” for its entries and a “racial bias.”  They even have a Wikipedia page about it here!  Your job is to help improve articles that are related to our class on social movements.  You will improve an article(s) by adding verifiable sources and/or adding important content.  YOU will become a Wikipedia editor!

Getting Started:

This project will be completed in a couple of Stages. 

  1. Wikipedia has created a dashboard for our course.  Follow the specific link given to class and create a Wikipedia User Account.  The link will allow you to join the course within Wikipedia.
  2. Complete the trainings.  You will have a Canvas Quiz on the following trainings:
  • Evaluating Articles and Sources
  • Finding Your Article
  • Adding Citations
  1. Wikipedia quiz on Canvas due - check due dates on syllabus/Canvas
  2. Wikipedia topic due - check due dates on syllabus/Canvas
  3. Wikipedia paper due - check due dates on syllabus/Canvas

When thinking about what content to edit, consider themes that are important to you.  The search will be more meaningful and more enjoyable.


References:            Complete                                                                                                                           Incomplete

Citations Every statement can easily be associated with a supporting reference Very Few or no sources
Sources Most sources are the best available, are appropriate for the discipline/genre Article uses unreliable internet sources
Completeness Most references include completely filled-out citation template References lack important information

Existing Article:               Complete                                                                                                                        Incomplete

New Sections Sections added are comprehensive & do not duplicate other sources Sections added do not cover topic
Re-organization Article covers the topic in organized, logical fashion Article organization remains poor
Gaps Key gaps are filled Minor gaps are filled
Smaller Additions

Additions added are relevant to that section of the article


Content added isn't relevant


*More information is available on Canvas under “Assignments” tab.

Wikipedia Dashboard

Here is the link to the Wikipedia Dashboard: Wikipedia Dashboard

Required Training

Please complete these Training Modules (find them in the Wikipedia Education Dashboard) before 4/30,remember you have a quiz on these specific trainings:

Evaluating articles and sources

Finding your article

Adding citations

Video Demonstration of Editing Wikipedia

Librarian Becka Cooling made a 10 min. recording of herself editing the Wikipedia article for the Black Panther Party. Watch the video to see how it's done!

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