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SOC SCI 120 - Responses to Poverty

Instructions for Current Events

Responses to Poverty Current Events

4 Current Event Papers are required in this course.  Each Current Event is 5 Points

Due Dates:  Please refer to your syllabus for all due dates

Description:  Poverty and/or economic distress surrounds us at all times.  For this assignment, find a current event that covers some aspect of poverty/economic distress and write about it.  Remember, this can be an article about the cost of food, housing, homelessness, etc.

Please answer:  What is the article about?  What statement is it making about poverty?  What are your thoughts about it?  Write at least two paragraphs.

You must CITE your source with Chicago Style Citation.

1 pt Article Content Describe what the article was about
2 pts Thoughts What are your thoughts and critical analysis?
2 pts Citation Use Chicago Style Citation

Be sure and use THIS Course Campus Guide for help and ease in finding current events.

Researching Current Events

Use these databases and websites to find recent articles about poverty:

Define a specific date range to only find articles published within the last 2 weeks:

How is Poverty Represented in the Media?

As you read these articles, ask yourself how is poverty being represented? This podcast Breaking News Consumer's Handbook: Poverty in America Edition discusses how poverty is often misrepresented in the media, and how to be critical about journalism that covers poverty.


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