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SOC SCI 120 - Responses to Poverty


Research Bones Paper

Throughout this semester we have analyzed readings and learned how the United States has responded to issues of poverty.  For this research paper, please find more information on the area of interest associated with a topic that most interested you.  For example, if you are interested in  the issues of homelessness, you will do research on one specific aspect of homelessness, or, if you are interested in hunger and lack of food, you can do your research on food insecurity.

What will go in your research bones paper:

  • Topic - You will pick a topic and craft a "question" that you will look into on your topic  (4 Points)
  • Journal Articles (2) - Using this Guide, you will locate two Journal Articles and explain how those articles help you answer your question  -or- one Journal Article and one Secondary Source (8 points)
  • Primary Source (1) - You will locate a primary source that will help you answer your question (4 Points)
  • Statistical Data Source (1) - You will locate statistics that will help you answer your question (4 Points)
  • Thesis - Once your sources are located, you will write a thesis - an ANSWER to your question (4 Points)

Your research bones paper will explore something specific in your topic choice.  You don't want to investigate the entirety of your subject area, you want to focus on one or two areas only.  For example, if writing on homelessness, you may choose to focus on:

  • Why is Housing so Expensive? (Regulations? Bank Loans? Where is Affordable Housing?)

  • What are additional problems associated with having no physical address? How lack of resources affects other issues such as employment and/or privacy?

  • What is the stigma behind the label of “homeless” and how does it make it the problem worse?


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