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Health Education Research Guide

Research guide for students in Health Education courses.

Social Explorer

Social Explorer is an online tool for visualizing and interacting with demographic data for the United States from present to 1790, including all Decennial Censuses, American Community Surveys and many other datasets. This page contains a curated list of maps, datasets and teach and learn modules useful in sociology, social work and social justice courses. This list is not exhaustive, but it provides a starting point for you to explore all that Social Explorer has to offer.

Quick Links: Using Social Explorer

Maps for Public Health

Curated Maps for Public Health

Use Social Explorer maps to visualize and analyze the characteristics of almost any location, like voting, poverty, aging populations, ethnicity and race, spending patterns, health indicators, crime, environment or education. You can see trends and make comparisons over time and place to gain insights and help make decisions.

For an introduction to how to use Social Explorer Maps, start with this video tutorial. There are videos that explain how to browse available datasets, customize your map, compare variables and notice trends, export and share your projects, and even tips for how to tell stories using your data.

When you're ready, click on one of the example maps below to get started, or access the complete set of maps here. Also, don't be afraid to explore! You can always save your variables to go back to later. 

Datasets for Public Health


Social Explorer allows you to quickly and easily create and manage reports for one or thousands of variables and geographies. You can also download data for further processing. To get started:

  • This guide will show you how to create, save and share, and download a report 
  • To access the complete list of available datasets and build your own reports, click here
  • Check out the example datasets below
  • For more detailed information on each dataset, reference the data dictionary

Other Sources for Statistics

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